Organisation of Professional Gas Operatives
A voice for Registered Gas Installers and Engineers


The Organisation of Professional Gas Operatives (OPGO) was launched on the 23rd October 2010.

Democratic and open, we try to foster an atmosphere on our site which is friendly, sociable and easy going, but run with professional intent by RGIs for RGIs.

OPGO caters to the needs of sole traders and small businesses, who make up the bulk of the Registered Gas Installers/Operatives (working in the domestic, catering and commercial gas areas). For too long we have been under represented. We seek to increase the influence sole traders and small companies have on the industry by campaigning and lobbying.

Our internet forum is the centre of the action; where lively and very often in-depth discussions on problems we face in the industry abound. The technical exchange between members always make for interesting reading; many of our members find this invaluable. The Knowledge Base is a work in progress. Even if reading and writing on computer screens is not your cup of tea, joining OPGO can be beneficial if you help us achieve our aims.

The February issue of the Registered Gas Engineer magazine featured a short news story on us (OPGO - NEW 'GRASS-ROOTS' GROUP FINDS VOICE ONLINE), and we got 'The Last Word' in the March 2011 issue: ACS - Time For Change. Thanks for visiting, if you want to sign up, for a free trial, instructions on joining are listed on the site.