Organisation of Professional Gas Operatives
A voice for Registered Gas Installers and Engineers


Our launch policies are:

  • better representation for small and medium sized companies
  • more input for those on the tools in guidance and standards
  • an end to the portrayal of independent Gas Installers as the weakest link of the gas industry

Our aims are:

  • to be the voice of our members
  • to bring to the attention of the gas industry bodies and government our concerns regarding gas safety, regulation and other concerns expressed by our members
  • to work with any necessary groups to achieve the aims of our members
  • shaming the spares suppliers in exposing the unfair trade practises that leaves independent installers with the blame for exorbitant spares prices
  • to create a Knowledge Base that can rival that of the biggest companies for the benefit of our current and future members
  • the reform of the ACS system to remove the need for five yearly re-assessment and replace that with annual updates as a part of Continuous Professional Development
  • to get a better deal for the sole trader and SME on Registration Fees and Access to Standards
  • to facilitate the exchange of information between industry, concerned groups and member-to-member in order to enhance members' knowledge of their working environment and that of the industry as a whole. For that reason OPGO will encourage and facilitate Continuous Professional Development (training) on behalf of our membership.
  • to negotiate discounts on behalf of our members for the products and services we use in our businesses.