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    by Paul Lerner » 20 Nov 2012, 11:40
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    12 Nov 2016, 19:24
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    by Paul Lerner » 05 Nov 2016, 09:15
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    06 Nov 2016, 19:47
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    by Timothy Puddick » 05 Nov 2016, 00:39
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    05 Nov 2016, 14:17
  • Wiring Matters
    by Timothy Puddick » 27 Sep 2014, 08:30
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    12 Feb 2016, 12:53
  • Intrinsically safe
    1, 2by Paul Lerner » 12 Apr 2015, 16:34
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    15 Apr 2015, 16:51
  • Volt Stick type things
    by Timothy Puddick » 28 Feb 2014, 23:10
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    21 Sep 2014, 07:54
  • How many wires to a fan
    by bob.b » 29 Jan 2012, 17:52
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    01 Sep 2014, 09:30
  • Shocking wiring
    1, 2by mike_w » 05 Dec 2012, 19:29
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    05 Mar 2014, 17:07
  • Training
    by Barry Matthews » 08 Jul 2011, 22:52
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    Last post by bob.b
    25 Sep 2013, 14:25
  • Register `wars`
    by Shep » 12 Jun 2013, 19:34
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    Last post by geoff giltrap
    14 Jun 2013, 19:18
  • Electrical bonding
    1, 2by Brendan » 25 May 2013, 15:28
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    27 May 2013, 21:17
  • Fluke Webinar
    by Timothy Puddick » 29 Apr 2013, 09:14
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    29 Apr 2013, 09:14
  • Dangers of three phase?
    1, 2by Martin_K » 08 Nov 2012, 13:38
    14 Replies
    Last post by bob.b
    11 Nov 2012, 09:44
  • Fluke Twistguard leads
    by Paul Lerner » 05 Jan 2012, 20:36
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    03 Oct 2012, 08:32
  • Shower install
    by Clive L » 23 Jul 2012, 16:51
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    Last post by Timothy Puddick
    24 Jul 2012, 07:30
  • To many cooks spoil the broth?
    by Shep » 12 Jul 2012, 08:51
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    Last post by Johanna
    12 Jul 2012, 10:49
  • What zone ?
    1, 2by Alex L » 26 Jun 2012, 20:23
    10 Replies
    Last post by Timothy Puddick
    27 Jun 2012, 16:38
  • Wiring Matters
    by Timothy Puddick » 16 Jun 2012, 11:35
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    Last post by Simon Reddy
    21 Jun 2012, 07:11
  • A bloke dropped his multi meter
    by Timothy Puddick » 05 Jun 2012, 10:18
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    05 Jun 2012, 13:50
  • Use it or loose it
    by Timothy Puddick » 20 Mar 2012, 23:22
    6 Replies
    Last post by Timothy Puddick
    22 Mar 2012, 08:03
  • Combi and Y Plan
    by Clive L » 09 Mar 2012, 23:23
    6 Replies
    Last post by Clive L
    11 Mar 2012, 16:51
  • part P
    1, 2by gasmarc » 13 Dec 2010, 20:12
    13 Replies
    Last post by Wim Rutjes
    21 Feb 2012, 22:58
  • Fluke service centres
    by Paul Lerner » 14 Feb 2012, 22:30
    9 Replies
    Last post by bob.b
    15 Feb 2012, 15:41
  • Legal responsibilities
    1, 2, 3, 4by Paul Lerner » 05 Aug 2011, 22:18
    32 Replies
    Last post by Paul Lerner
    29 Dec 2011, 23:40
  • Is this possible
    by gasmarc » 20 Dec 2011, 23:27
    5 Replies
    Last post by gasmarc
    21 Dec 2011, 08:28

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Our Chairman gets his views aired on CO alarms

10 Feb

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MEP claims more deaths from carbon monoxide than skincancer or Aids

09 Feb

British MEP Linda McAvan has called for increased awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide, warning it is a "bigger killer" than Aids and skin...

The Second UK Dash for Gas

26 Dec

The UK is set to embark on its second dash for gas. The first, beginning in the early 1990s, occurred when gas was first permitted to be used for power...

Reply to HVP article - Action against the Silent Killer

20 Nov

Members of OPGO have read the article "Action against the silent killer" in HVP November/December edition and wondered where the author has gained his...

Gas Spares Pricing

16 Nov

Chairman's Opinion:-

As a working gas service engineer I am always amazed at the arbitrary way spares are priced.

Gas victim reconnected condemned boiler

31 Oct

A Derbyshire victim of carbon monoxide poisoning reconnected his condemned boiler because his house was too cold.

Stephen Newton, 52, of Stanley Common,...

Equality and the Law - passed to the CPS to answer

15 Sep

Dear OPGO Secretary

Thank you for your email in relation to ‘Equality under the Law’ which has been passed to the CPS Strategy and Policy...

Shaw explosion: Man charged with manslaughter

12 Sep

A man has been charged with manslaughter after a suspected gas explosion killed a two-year-old in Greater Manchester.

More info click on link

Further correspondence with Sentencing and Policies Unit

03 Sep

Dear Mr

May I congratulate you on your reply being to the highest standards of the Civil Service as portrayed so admirably by Sir Humphrey in Yes Prime...

Reply to letter see previous article Equality under the Law

03 Sep

Our ref: TO12/4746

Dear Mr Lerner,

Thank you for your email of 7 August about charges brought against and sentencing of people found guilty of...

Equality under the law Letter to Office of Secretary of State

07 Aug

Dear Sir or Madam

For some time I have been concerned at the way Gas Engineers who make a mistake or are negligent are treated very severely under the law.

Couple exposed to carbon monoxide for 5 years in home built by Taylor woodrow

16 Jul

A couple who have been exposed to carbon monoxide for the last five years because of a faulty boiler flue claim the home builders have put their lives at...

Family poisoned by deadly carbon monoxide fumes in Tolworth

16 Jul

Five people were taken to hospital with suspected carbon monoxide poisoning when fumes from a leaking boiler infected a block of flats in...

Isabelle Harris killed by CO from barbecue inquest hears

06 Jul

I leaned to kiss my girl in the tent. I knew then that she wasn't right: Tearful mother tells of night fumes from barbecue killed her daughter

Read more:...

Letter to coroner prior to Bedfont Lakes trial

03 Jul

Dear Ms Jack-Matthews

Thank you for your reply of the 13th August.

In answer to your questions.


Member's letter on MCS problem install

14 Jun

I went to an MCS registered install the other day as the client was complaining about luke warm water from solar panels. It turns out that there are two hot...

OPGO training day at Atag

12 Jun

OPGO gets a write up in HVP over its trainiing day at Atag link)

Tenant killed by carbon monoxide leak from condemned boiler, inquest is told

12 Jun

A TRANSPORT manager was found dead on his 51st birthday after being overcome by carbon monoxide from a condemned boiler he had tried to fix.


1 in 400 houses Merseyside found to have dangerous levels of CO

24 May

Summary of Merseyside Fire Service Study. Be interesting to have a breakdown of what types of appliances were causing high levels of CO.

Complaint against National Grid vindicated

24 May link) Original complaint for background. Having finally got a number to complain to this this below shows that...

Australia Plumbing System is a winner

13 May

What an excellent letter from John Breakell to HPM News

"How can some-one be competent one day and become incompetent the next. " Exactly!!

Click on...

Agreed minutes of meeting hosted by Gas Safe Register with OPGO Feb 2012

24 Apr

OPGO/Gas Safe Register Meeting minutes

Date 24 February 2012
Location Hampshire Court Hotel, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 8FY

OPGO Barry Matthews...

Review of carbon monoxide incidents 2010/2011

02 Apr

8 fatalities from gas out of a total of 50 , 110 incidents rather less than the 4000 hospitalisations usually quoted when they call for ever increasing...

Letter to Pham News re Carbon monoxide charities.

18 Mar

"Taken at face value, CO-Gas Safety’s statistics for CO incidents and fatalities over the last 16 years paint a very dark picture for gas users and gas...

Letter to All Party Parliamentary Group on Gas Safety re CO fatalities

18 Mar

Dear Mr Arnold

I am extremely concerned about the misleading way CO Gas Safety presents its statistics. Recent publicity of 622 deaths in 16 years with...

Who enforces against land-lords

08 Mar

Went to a house today that I had remembered from last year. Multiple At Risk situations , notices issued. Asked the lady on the phone if they had been...

Bath gas death case: Jury set to consider verdicts

29 Feb

Jurors in the trial of a gas engineer accused of the manslaughter of a young woman after allegedly carrying out a "rushed" and "botched" job of installing a...

Gas fitter charged over Manchester explosion

29 Feb

A gas fitter is to be prosecuted after an explosion that destroyed three houses and damaged hundreds more.

The explosion in Irlam, Manchester, injured 15...

Request to HHIC and Manufacturers to be raised at GILG

28 Feb

Whilst we applaud the recent initiative by Baxi Group, whereby they will notify LABC via GSR on behalf of installers of their boilers (as will Viessmann it...

Fitter tells court he feels 'awful' over gas death pipes oversight

24 Feb

A registered gas fitter who installed a boiler at the Bath home of a woman who later died of carbon monoxide poisoning told a jury he felt “awful” that he...

Gas fitter's explanation dubbed "just ridiculous" in manslaughter trial

22 Feb

A gas fittter's explanation of why a flue pipe was found disconnected at a house where the daughter of a multi-millionaire publishing boss died of carbon...

CLG select committee investigation into gas/electrical and Building Regulations

20 Feb link)

Fantastic listen for those in gas or electrical industry.

Watch video below (gas bit...

Why is UK so slow in moving forward

19 Feb

Why is the UK always so far behind the rest of Europe?

National Grid woes

10 Feb

Lots of woes with the way National Grid operatives deal with low pressure problems.

Story 1

Called them out a couple of weeks ago to a property with...

No country for young plumbers?

07 Feb

Waiting game for young plumber


Aspiring plumber Michael Driver is struggling to get his foot on to the employment ladder 18 months after leaving...

Letter to HSE re skirt ventilation

06 Feb

Dear Chris,

Please see below an article highlighting the risk of lack of skirt ventilation.

Members of The Organisation of Professional Operatives...

Always use a Gas Safe engineer?

04 Feb

Flues in voids again. First story went to a job at the behest of a major player in the gas industry which they were unable to fix. Checked as I always do...

Not so smart smart meters

29 Jan

Costly fiasco of smart meters that don't work: Millions of devices may be replaced, warns watchdog.

Millions of green energy meters may have to be...

Green deal suffers setback as loft insulations set to plummet

13 Jan

The government's flagship green policy to transform the energy efficiency of 14m homes and create 65,000 jobs appears doomed to fail, with the revelation of...

Visiting a Building Site today

12 Jan

Today went to new build block of flats possibly 100 flats all with boilers. First one I went to was a flue in void with an inspection hatch about 3" square...

Incidence of low level CO

07 Jan

For some time I have been asking about incidents of CO alarms sounding and data from Emergency Services. This here from Government Research show the claims...

Cowboy gas fitter jailed for breaching safety regulations

06 Jan

An incompetent gas fitter has been jailed after he incorrectly installed a woman’s boiler potentially exposing her to lethal carbon monoxide.

Lee John...

Reply to Mr Lowe's letter in December 2012 Registered Gas Engineer on removal of right to work without CPA1

02 Jan

Mr Lowe has had the opportunity to make his observations and the Organisation of Professional Gas Operatives would like to respond.

Sole traders, via...

Study on the Provision of Carbon Monoxide Detectors Under The Building Regulations

01 Jan

This report looks at a cost benefit analysis for installation of CO alarms under varying scenarios. Also looks at cost of their energy usage in terms of CO2...

Pilot scheme targets the ‘silent killer'

28 Dec

CALDERDALE is included in a pilot scheme from Northern Gas Networks to reduce carbon monoxide poisoning.

The “silent killer” claims around 50 lives...

Good job this guy had ACS and was Registered

21 Dec

At a job today . As I was walking through the lounge I noticed an old style DFE fire . Closeable flap and no air vent. Asked the tenant about it and he said...

Silent killer alarm recalled for being silent

17 Dec

Telford-based firm Jo-El Electric has raised the alarm by ordering the recall of 10,000 carbon monoxide detectors because it fears the devices will fail in...

Elderly ignore free gas safety checks as winter starts to bite

07 Dec

£134 million worth of potentially life-saving gas safety checks offered free by the energy suppliers go unclaimed every year, as a staggering number of...

Letter to installer not yet published

06 Dec

Dear Sirs,

Having seen Mr Poole's (marketing manager of Grahams) comments in the trade press, we feel it our duty to highlight misleading...

Letter published in Registered Gas Engineer

06 Dec


Q) When is a contract not a contract?

A) When you're Gas Safe Registered

Many of our members who have not taken the CPA1 Assessment have now...

OPGO letter published in HVP re flueless fire incident

22 Nov


The Organisation of Professional Gas Operatives have concerns about the installation and safety of flueless gas fires.

Two prosecutions have now ...

Catford carbon monoxide leak leaves three in hospital

21 Nov

THREE people have been taken to hospital after a carbon monoxide leak at a block of flats in Catford.

Firefighters were called at around 10.48 last night...

Different pressure zones

21 Nov


A fine example of air intake and plume kit being in different pressure zones.

Sarah Conway and Ben Petty warn of 'silent killer'

13 Nov

A young couple who were just hours away from possible death from carbon monoxide poisoning have urged people to check for the “silent killer”.


Car fumes are a mild narcotic that help us cope with city stress, claims scientist

10 Nov

Carbon monoxide (CO) has always had bad press, because it’s odourless and capable of fatally poisoning the nervous system, but recent research suggests that...

Carbon Monoxide leak at industrial unit. HSE to investigate

08 Nov

Crews finish ventilating Brimsdown industrial estate after carbon monoxide leak.

FIREFIGHTERS have left the scene of a carbon monoxide leak in Brimsdown...

Wiring story

05 Nov

Went to a warranty repair today. Complaint heating staying on when wireless roomstat goes off.

Condensing flue on non condensing boiler

04 Nov


Bodge job done by unregistered builder. Condensing flue added to Ideal Classic after building extension.

Sale man left fuming after faulty boiler wrecked his house

04 Nov

A retired policeman has been left fuming – after his new boiler caused his radiators to burst and leak.

John McGarry had a boiler fitted by British Gas –...

Depressing news from the catering industry

02 Nov

Today I found a catering van with the following faults:

Every day in every way it gets a little more depressing

31 Oct

I would have thought at least when calling out National Grid that their operatives would know what they were meant to be doing.


Carbon Monoxide forces family out of home hours after council gas safety inspection

29 Oct

A TEENAGE couple and their premature twins have been forced out of their new house by a carbon monoxide leak – hours after a council inspector declared the...

More depressing stuff

25 Oct

Went to repair a boiler. House a bit of a building site. Look at gas pipe laid in chase in concrete as yet unwrapped. As I am looking down the pipe I am...

Why gas work is stressful and depressing

18 Oct

A job today typifies a situation I come across all too often in the Borough of Hounslow. Go to repair a boiler only to see a brick building in the back yard...

Karen Meadows' last word article in The Gas Engineer Magazine

13 Oct

Comments on Article taken from the October 2011 issue of The Gas Engineer magazine, written by Karen Meadows a former environmental health officer - by Wim...

Gas fitter denies killing Zoe Anderson

12 Oct

A gas fitter from Somerset has denied killing a woman who died from carbon monoxide poisoning in Bath.

Renewable Heat Incentive withdrawn by government hours before launch

30 Sep

Department of Energy cites objections from European commission as reason for withdrawal, and insists project has only been delayed, not abandoned

Faulty boiler sees residents treated for carbon monoxide poisoning

28 Sep

Fire crews from Cambridge were sent to the house in Dama Court, Chesterton, at 10.25pm yesterday after the boiler made a hissing noise.

Paramedics treated...

Doubts about the safety of flueless gas fires

23 Sep

Once again a gas operative has been prosecuted as a result of an incident relating to a flueless fire and yet again, because of a guilty plea, wider...

Crippling energy bills are YOUR fault, says Huhne as he claims families could treat themselves to a mini-break if they shopped around

19 Sep

Millionaire Energy Secretary Chris Huhne faced fury from consumers yesterday after appearing to blame them for a crippling rise in household bills.


Gas body urges appliance checks in Cornwall

12 Sep

People in Cornwall are being warned to get gas appliances checked by the UK's official gas registration body.

The call comes after a woman from north...

Inquest held after woman died from carbon monoxide poisoning

07 Sep

Questions will never be fully answered over why a Keighley woman died from carbon monoxide poisoning after leaving a cooker gas ring on for an extended...

Plumbers arrested in tax raids

03 Sep

Five plumbers have been arrested and around 600 are under civil investigation by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for failing to pay the right amount of tax.

Access to gas flues could be tricky

03 Sep

Heating engineers will be required access to gas flues from 1 January, 2013 for inspection. But gaining access in flats and similar multiple-occupancy...

Cornwall campers narrowly avoid carbon monoxide deaths

30 Aug

Five campers were taken to hospital with suspected carbon monoxide poisoning after taking a lit barbecue into their tent in Cornwall.

The five, believed...

Systemic failure of Gas Safety

28 Aug

Too often the tendency of the HSE and the Gas Safe Register is to attempt to lay the blame at the lowest level as it makes a neat conclusion for one person...

Takeaway owner, from Gravesend, has been sentenced for breaching health and safety regualtions after girl died from carbon monoxide

23 Aug

A TAKEAWAY owner has been sentenced for breaching health and safety regulations after a 16-year-old girl died from carbon monoxide poisoning in his...

Mother and baby from Battersea taken to hospital in gas poisoning scare

17 Aug

Firefighters rescued a woman and her baby after they suffered suspected carbon monoxide poisoning from fumes entering their window.

The woman in her 20s...

Gas boiler repair rip-offs caught on camera by consumer group Which?

17 Aug

Key excerpt in editors opinion.

The investigation also found key safety checks such as testing pressure, ventilation and flues were left out of...

OPGO Member Gets The Last Word (Again)

04 Aug

OPGO Member Paul Daley of Daley Plumbing and Heating has got the Last Word .. on Flues in Voids. Check out his YouTube video currently on our Front Page....

Hull chimney flue theft causes carbon monoxide risk

03 Aug

A grandmother said she felt "sick inside" after learning that metal thieves had left her family at risk of fatal carbon monoxide poisoning.


Adverts' commitments can be interpreted as customer guarantees, ASA says

02 Aug

Companies that detail service commitment in adverts could be misleading customers if they do not deliver on the pledges, the UK's advertising regulator has...

Call for new law after gas death

30 Jul

A coroner has called on the government to change health and safety legislation after a social housing tenant died of carbon monoxide poisoning in a newly...

Another CO camping fatality Worthing motocross fan dies of CO poisoning in tent

29 Jul

A motocross fanatic died the night before a race after winds blew poisonous gas onto him while he slept.

Richard Phillips, 38, was camping when a...

Woman 'killed by barbecue fumes' in tent in Norfolk

25 Jul

A woman found dead in a tent at a Norfolk campsite is now thought to have died from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a charcoal barbecue.

The body of...

APHC vows to tackle industry red tape

19 Jul

Industry fragmentation, red tape and over-assessment are increasing problems for plumbers and heating engineers, according to new Association of Plumbing &...

APHC vows to tackle industry red tape

19 Jul

Industry fragmentation, red tape and over-assessment are increasing problems for plumbers and heating engineers, according to new Association of Plumbing &...

Shipston gas installer found guilty of installing immediately dangerous fire

19 Jul

Leamington Magistrates fined gas fire installer Cecil Boliver Crane from Shipston £1,000, with £3,000 costs, for a gas fire installed without adequate...

Uptake of free servicing for vulnerable groups poor due to lack of awareness

18 Jul

Vulnerable customers at risk because of lack of awareness regarding the priority service register says heating industry

The Heating and Hotwater Industry...


15 Jul

Firefighters had a lucky escape after a massive explosion at a house in Castleford, West Yorkshire. They had just rescued people from a small house fire...

Shoddy Shipston gas fitter prosecuted

12 Jul

A GAS engineer has been prosecuted after his shoddy work put the lives of a Shipston couple at risk.
Cecil Boliver Crane, also from Shipston, who trades as...

Thousands of construction firms gone in two years

12 Jul

Plumbers reeling under the loss of work will not be surprised that 5,000 construction firms have closed since 2009.

The number of construction companies...


11 Jul

THE extraordinary assault on our crippling obsession with health and safety by the very woman who controls the cursed body in charge of it all couldn’t help...

Members Letter - Gas Certification Scheme

09 Jul

This is a copy of the letter send By OPGO member Mark Overthrow, highlighting the poor consultation methods in the gas industry.