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Privacy Policy

OPGO will not sell, license or disclose your personal information to any third party without your consent, unless we are compelled to do so under the law or to comply with a court order.


OPGO will take reasonable measures to protect the privacy and security of personal details, though shall not be liable for information obtained through the hacking of the forum, or for any loss of content through hacking.

IP Addresses

Your IP address is the internet equivalent of your home address. By default the site software keeps information on your IP address when you sign up, and logs the IP address of all site visits, posts and contributions.


The OPGO site uses browser cookies to improve the usability of the site. These cookies are small sections of code that our server sends to your browser which it can then store on your hard drive. Allowing cookies will for example prevent you having to re-enter your login details every time you access the site. These cookies do not collect, store or maintain your private, personally identifiable information and are not dangerous, but they do help us keep statistics on site visits and do help with site functionality and appearance. For a more detailed explanation of cookies, what they do and how they work visit: Cookies: Frequently Asked Questions

Newsletter Subscription

OPGO offers the option to subscribe to a periodic email newsletter to inform you of our activities, promotions, announcements and news items. The only piece of information required is your e-mail address, which is only used to distribute the requested newsletter. You can "unsubscribe" to the newsletter, by clicking on the link at the bottom of the newsletter. If you are a registered site user, unsubscribing will not effect your registration, and you can re-subscribe later from the site.


Your password is ciphered (a one-way hash) so that it is secure. However, it is recommended that you do not reuse the same password across a number of different websites. Your password is the means of accessing your account so please guard it carefully and under no circumstance will anyone affiliated with TikiWiki, phpBB or another 3rd party, legitimately ask you for your password. Should you forget your password for your account, you can use the I forgot my password feature provided by the phpBB software. This process will ask you to submit your user name and your e-mail, then the phpBB software will generate a new password to reclaim your account.

Data Protection

Your information for your OPGO account is protected by UK data-protection laws and the laws applicable in the country that hosts our site. Any information beyond your user name, your password, and your e-mail address required by OPGO during the registration process is either mandatory or optional, at the discretion of OPGO. The Registration Page shows you which information in your account is only viewable by OPGO Site Administrators . The rest are publicly displayed in your user profile. Furthermore, within your account, you have the option to opt-in or opt-out of automatically generated e-mails from the phpBB software.

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